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Allan Snelling LLP provides results oriented advocacy to clients charged with criminal and quasi-criminal offences.  Our team includes Lawyers and staff with the necessary experience and skill required to meet the allegations of the prosecution with a robust and effective defence.  Patrick Snelling has more than 20 years of experience defending people and businesses in all levels of court in Ontario and British Columbia.  He has also represented clients before various administrative tribunals.


There is no substitute for thorough preparation. Allan Snelling LLP possesses the resources required to enable clients to fully investigate and challenge the allegations advanced by the prosecution.  Our team of bright and diligent clerks assist with using cutting edge litigation tools including specialized software which enables the management of complex and voluminous information.  This allows us to be proactive in seeking out sources of proof which are not apparent to the casual observer.  The result is a well prepared defence reducing allegations to only verifiable facts—and that is the starting point for an effective defence.


Effective advocacy requires commitment and perseverance. Pat Snelling has a proven track record of confronting allegations fearlessly and advocating for clients regardless of the subject matter in issue.  With more than twenty years of trial experience the Allan Snelling LLP team has a proven track record to representing clients, often charged with unsavoury and unpopular allegations, through trial, and appeal.


Modern advocacy has embraced varied and complex technology.  But at Allan Snelling we understand that science and technology can only reveal admissible evidence if methods are properly employed.  Reliability of evidence is always subject to underlying circumstances.  Allan Snelling LLP regularly retains subject matter experts to advise on technical evidentiary matters such as toxicology, engineering, medicine and genetic analysis.  By leveraging the knowledge of preeminent experts, our Lawyers level the playing field and ensure that courts and tribunals are able to recognize the frailties which often exist in scientific analysis despite its daunting appearance.


Modern prosecutions leverage a vast array of resources in an effort to secure a conviction.  A proper defence requires Lawyers equipped with required resources, experience and skill.  The team at Allan Snelling LLP is up to the task.  We stand ready to help. Call us today.

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